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Welcome To Magical Music Boxes
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Sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home whilst you peruse our wonderful collection of Luxury Music Boxes, Swiss Music Boxes, Musical Jewellery Boxes, Girls Ballerina Music Boxes, Carousel Music Boxes, Clockwork Music Box Movements & Beautiful Singing Bird Music Boxes. For your convenience, we offer a gift wrapping service for many of our products.

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Luxury Music Boxes : Beautiful wooden music boxes with only the highest quality Swiss movements. Includes music boxes from Reuge Music in Switzerland. A high quality music box gift.

Musical Jewellery Boxes : Exquisite musical jewellery boxes with beautiful inlaid marquetry designs. Fitted with clockwork music box movements and ranging from petite ring boxes, to luxurious large jewellery boxes.

Girls Jewellery Boxes : Our unique collection of girls musical jewellery boxes with ballerina or fairy figurines that revolve as the music plays. Every little girls dream is to own one of these ballerina music boxes

Boys Music Boxes : Our unique collection of boys musical treasure boxes with enchanting figurines that revolve as the music plays. Every little boys dream is to own one of these musical treasure boxes

Picture Music Boxes : Our picture music boxes are made in the traditional way with lime wood boxes and clockwork musical movements. Beautiful pictures laminated to the top with little angels and other designs. Ideal christening gift ideas.

Music Box Gifts : Music gifts for those special occasions when something a little unique is the perfect gift idea.

Carousel Music Boxes : Beautifully decorated musical carousels that are sure to make a perfect gift. The miniature carousel horses gently rotate as the music box plays.

Singing Bird Automata : This unique musical automata is all mechanical and imitates a bird song so beautifully. The tiny feathered birds move as the clockwork movement plays the bird song.

Teánola Barrel Organ Music Boxes : The Teánola Mechanical Barrel Organ has been developed using the traditional techniques of the old masters from around 1885 playing by 'Cartons Perforés' Perforated Book Music. A beautiful mechanical organ perfect for home use and easily transported for outside entertainment.

Music Box Movements : Musical movements for making your own music boxes. We have a great choice from inexpensive movements through to large multi tune luxury Swiss made musical movements.

Wood Carvings : Hand made wooden carvings for ornate music box decoration. Hand carved from wood, scrolls with floral designs ideal for decorating music box & street organ cases



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